Swimming Pool Service

  • Add necessary chemicals

  • Weekly water testing

  • Vacuum pool as needed

  • Empty Baskets

  • Service Summaries

  • Brush Pool Walls

  • Adding Needed Chemicals

  • Monthly DE Backwashing

  • Lubricate Orings

  • Equipment Inspection

  • Rinsing Perimeter Decking

  • Empty Cleaner Bag

Weekly swimming pool service is an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy and clean pool. It involves a routine cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool to ensure it is free from debris and contaminants. Typically, the service includes vacuuming, skimming, and brushing the pool walls and floor to remove dirt, leaves, and other debris that may have fallen into the pool. In addition, weekly pool service involves testing and balancing the pool water’s chemical levels to ensure they are within the recommended ranges. This is essential in preventing the growth of algae and other harmful bacteria in the pool.

During weekly swimming pool service, the pool equipment is also inspected to ensure it is functioning correctly. The service technician will check the pool’s filtration system, pump, and heater to ensure they are working efficiently. Any necessary repairs or replacements will be recommended to the pool owner. Proper pool equipment maintenance ensures that the pool remains clean and functional throughout the year.

Clara Pools provides its customers with service summaries via email after each visit.  Providing this information to our customers insurers they are always aware of what work was performed.

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